The 2018 China ToEFL Annual Meeting (r) Program Award Ceremony (r) Circle) was held by the Educational Testing Service in Beijing. It had the theme “Challenges & Breakthroughs” and aimed to include more well-recognized educational institutions, strengthen cooperation, and support Chinese students in their dream of studying abroad.

The Conference

Over 100 participants from the US and Canadian embassies in China as well as the National Education Examinations Authority, Education Testing Service and TOEFL Circle Program member institutions discussed the current situation and policies affecting Chinese students who are studying in the USA, Australia, and Canada. The participants also discussed the TOEFL-CSE Project and R&D by ETS, as well as the development of the TOEFL test in China and worldwide.

Srikant Gopal (Executive Director of the TOEFL Program) announced that the NEEA will link the TOEFL test register to the official TOEFL Chinese webpage. This new website is faster and offers students easy access to score guidance, official preparation materials, and registration information. It also lists schools that accept TOEFL scores. The website lists the requirements for top universities in the US and Canada. It also allows students to plan their applications based on one test for multiple destinations.

Srikant Gopal stated that the TOEFL was the first International English Language Test to be brought to China after the’reform’ and opening-up policies began. The TOEFL test has been a valuable tool for millions of Chinese students since 1981 when it was established in cooperation with the NEEA. This includes students from the US who continue to be welcomed by universities in the US, Australia, and Canada. To better serve Chinese students, the Executive Director said that ETS has been continuously improving the TOEFL exam content, format, assessment, information supply, security, integrity, and test security. He stated that the TOEFL test assesses academic English skills in the same way as they are used in the classroom. This will help students prepare for university English requirements. “The TOEFL Annual Meeting and the launch of the TOEFL Chinese website are two recent manifestations of our commitment in helping students succeed.” He also shared the latest developments in TOEFL both in China and around the world with guests.

Zhang Jin, Director, International Division of NEEA, spoke at the meeting as the representative of China’s partner organization for the TOEFL exam. Both sides have worked together to encourage the use of facial and vocal recognition technology for identifying TOEFL test-takers in recent years. We have taken measures to ensure registration for the TOEFL exam in China is in compliance with the national localization requirements as the only participating national agency in the TOEFL. The NEEA is the only site that connects to ETS in real-time and supports localized payment methods such as Alipay. It can be accessed 24/7/365 to monitor test data and candidate registrations. This allows us to determine if we need to increase test seat availability. We look forward to more opportunities with ETS China in 2019 to work together to solve the issue of inadequate TOEFL test seat at major cities’ peak.

Rhett Miller (Consul-General Shanghai), also expressed his gratitude to the TOEFL Annual meeting, saying that Australia offers Chinese students a truly international educational experience, and the chance to build cross-cultural skills and networks which will help them deal better with the global market and the important role China plays therein. We are proud to have hosted the first China TOEFL Annual meeting. We look forward to welcoming more Chinese students studying in Australia in the future. Mandy Xu is the Education Manager at the Australian Embassy in China Commercial Section. She stated that Australia has been a popular destination for Chinese students. The TOEFL scores can be used for visa applications for work, tourist, post-doctoral, business and skilled migration visas, as well as for admission to all Australian colleges and universities.

In her speech, Ms. Kim Ursu (First Secretary and Trade Education Commissar for Education at the Canadian Embassy in China), thanked Chinese students of their love for Canada. She stated that she was very pleased to be able to attend the TOEFL Annual Conference. Canadian universities and colleges accept TOEFL scores. Canada is one of the most highly educated countries in the world. It has low costs to study abroad, and it offers friendly student and immigration visa policies. It is a great pleasure to note that Canada has seen a significant increase in Chinese students over the last decade. We encourage more Chinese students to study and work in Canada.

Hsieh Chong-Ni, the Lead Research Project Manager for TOEFL, presented the TOEFL CSE Project and R&D performed by ETS. Miranda Wang, Country Manager at ETS China, shared the TOEFL market support plan in China. She stated that ETS China has been committed for many years to the promotion of the TOEFL-CSE program in China. ETS has worked closely with many government departments, embassies and consulates as well as educational institutions and provided services to the majority of TOEFL applicants. ETS China has been gradually introducing TOEFL family learning and testing products to China since 2017. This is to address the many needs of China’s English language learning market. To recognize the significant contributions of cooperation organizations to the development of the TOEFL program, the first TOEFL China annual meeting is held. ETS can use it to communicate their official views, to interact with institutions, and to reach a win-win solution in an international environment where opportunities and challenges coexist.

ETS hosted an award ceremony for TOEFL Circle Program members during the meeting. It was presented by SrikantGopal and Miranda Wang. The TOEFL Circle Program Star Member was awarded to 29 TOEFL test- and training institutions in 32 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

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The TOEFL Test

More than 10,000 universities in more than 150 countries recognize the TOEFL test for academic English. The USA, China’s most popular destination for study abroad, accepts TOEFL everywhere. It is preferred over other English language tests. ToEFL scores in Australia (China’s second most visited destination) are accepted by all universities. TOEFL is a fair and impartial testing method that uses multiple anonymous human examiners to score the test. You can find more information about the TOEFL test at

About ETS

ETS is a global education organization that creates assessments based upon rigorous research. We aim to improve quality and equity for all students by advancing the quality and equity of education. ETS provides customized solutions to teachers, English language learning, teacher certification, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education. It also conducts education research, analysis, and policy studies. ETS was founded in 1947 as a non-profit organization. It administers more than 50,000,000 tests each year, including the TOEFL, TOEIC (r), tests, GRE (r) exams and The Praxis Series [r] assessments. These tests are available in over 180 countries and at more than 10,000 locations around the world. has more information.

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