You should devote around 40 minutes studying IELTS writing task 2.

A country is more fascinating and more dynamic when it has an array of nationalities.To what extent do you agree with or do you disagree?

Explain the reasons in detail and support these with examples based on your own personal experience or experience.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic Topic: Development
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1: [Agree]

Since the beginning of industrialization the cultural landscapes of a variety of developed and developing nations have dramatically changed, and a number of west-coast nations today are more diverse than they ever had before. The argument is that this mix of nationalities makes a country more appealing and enables rapid advancement. I am in agreement with this and this is demonstrated in this article analysing the vastness of cultural impact of different nationalities, and how a nation can make use of the unique strengths of individuals of diverse nationalities and races.

The first thing to note is that the more diverse the nationalities within a nation is, the more prosperous its culture is. For instance, people with more than 100 nationalities reside in Dubai which translates to the access to many different cuisines across the country. Due to this, Dubai is called the “food-funding for this region of the Middle East. This results in tourists from all over the world to study the abundance of the society of Dubai. Thus, the benefit of being a melting pot of different kinds of people can make the culture of the country more fascinating.

Many researchers believe that people from different nations have their own strengths and weaknesses. Countries such as that of United States and the United Kingdom have harnessed the strengths of people from different races to become world leaders. In the end, the benefits of having a mix of individuals in a nation’s workforce are evident.

In conclusion, having an amalgamation of nationalities can lead to the enrichment of cultures as well as faster development of a country. It is anticipated that many more nations will benefit from this phenomenon in the coming years.

Model Answer 2: [Disagree]

Multi-cultural societies are thought to attract international tourists due to their diversity of cultural aspects and are frequently thought to be a market that grows faster. However, as for me the possibility of a mix of nationalities across several countries isn’t certain.

In reality, a multi-ethnic and multicultural nation attracts tourists from all over the globe as the blending of diverse cultures and their lifestyle, heritage, and food create an incredibly cosmopolitan society. Because of the tourist growth, the neighborhood market expands to a certain extent.

However, nations that have people of different ethnicities and cultures often experience social conflicts that result in tensions and political unrest as well as hate for each other. People from different backgrounds perceive things differently and have a different perception of value. If not handled in a fair method, it can lead to conflict between cultures. Even more, in some countries, it can cause a divide in the nation when taxpayers start to exhibit anti-minority attitudes. If this type of situation is prevalent, the nation is likely to lose global tourists , which could be the driving force to boost their economy.

Additionally, the diverse individuals in a nation carry their culture and the country loses its traditions and centuries-old legacy in the process. As a result, the nation can’t be regarded as a unique cultural landscape. As an example, many large cities around the world today appear like they are the same, and lack any distinctive cultural distinction.

In conclusion, multicultural societies are prone to causing a lot of social issues and the authorities should give priority to solving such issues as soon as they arise, to ensure that they don’t cause conflict and social tension.

Example Answer 3:”Agree”

Individuals from all over the world began to migrate due to the slowing of industrialization, and was triggered by the major wars in the world. This is why several developed countries undergo the merging of diverse traditions and cultures. It is often said that these kinds of cultural and nationalities make the country more attractive and helps the country develop more quickly. I fully am in agreement with this notion.

In the beginning the state of intercultural values, public places such as tourist spots, facilities and amenities were designed with all kinds of people in mind including expatriates, such as shopping amusement parks, malls and beaches. Public spaces are more attractive and accessible. Towns become international and are a reflection of truly different cultures and customs. For instance, in many nations, many nations live together and, with this idea in your head the concept of a global village was built to accommodate be a part of them.

Along with the cosmopolitan communities, they are more conducive to the overall development of the nation. This is why nations such as those of the USA, Australia and Canada which are largely multi-cultural, have more stability, prosperity and stability. Trade between the inhabitants and immigrants could increase cash flow and increase consumption two essential elements of improving financial performance. So, countries with distinct cultures and a diverse culture enjoy more rapid development and a greater variety of cultures.

In conclusion, states with various nationalities and ethnic backgrounds are much more intriguing. It is undisputed that cultural diversity in the state should be considered as a positive characteristic for beautiful and fast growth of a nation.

Tips & Idea Generation for this essay:

Benefits of having a mix of nationalities in a country:

1. More diverse is the diversity of nationalities of a country, the more rich its culture and customs grow.

2. People from diverse backgrounds have a lot to provide in terms of experiences, ideas, and knowledge. So a country that has a wide range of nationalities grows faster.

3. Multiethnic societies are a rich collection of lifestyles and ideas which can result in innovations.

4. Cosmopolitan cities have infrastructures and facilities with different nationalities in mind. They have become popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

5. The citizens of such a nation encourage tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

6. People who live in a racially and ethnically diverse society are better equipped to handle global trade.

7. In such a culture it is possible for people to choose the best qualities of different cultures instead of being forced other than to accept the traditions of their cultural tradition.

8. Generations living in such a nation develop a biological inclination to meet the challenges of living in difficult conditions.

The drawbacks of having a mix of nationalities within a nation:

1. Different views on the same subject and different views on life. This can cause social tension and inequity.

2. This could lead to ethnic conflicts and unrest in the civil sphere.

3. The country could be lost in its unique identity completely.

4. Some people have discriminatory opinions about minorities that create hatred and anger.

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