You should be spending approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

One of the effects of better medical treatment is that people live longer and their life expectancy is increasing.Do you believe the advantages of this outweigh the negatives?

Explain the reasons in detail and support these with examples based on your personal experience or your experience or.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic The topic is medical health care
Type Advantages and Disadvantages

Model Answer :

Technological advancements haven’t been limited to many recent scientific breakthroughs, but additionally, they have influenced medicine and clinical research. The last century has been blessed by complete medical treatment and the longevity of individuals has been improved by the use of modern medicine and treatments. I think the impact has taught the human race and also the disadvantages of increasing the life expectancy of people, are unnoticed.

Innovative and ultra-modern facilities have revolutionized medical practices and have treated a variety of fatal illnesses. With a longer longevity, people can contribute to the community. Early retirement programs permit individuals to pursue a second job since they’re more busy nowadays. For instance, many experts have started their own companies following retirement. This trend encourages newcomers to join the workforce and help eliminate unemployment.

In addition as a direct result of increased life expectancy, people have more time to spend with family members and their grandchildren. Parents who work may be able to leave their children in good care while working. How they care for their children’s inheritance is as important as the gaze they’d receive from a daycare facility. In this way, we wish for our parents to be as long-lasting as they can be. In the end, the ways in which a lot of people view the previous creation of social responsibility isn’t more true. The older generation can share their knowledge that we can use to build a more secure and more wholesome world. Elderly leaders, politicians writers, and politicians are more knowledgeable than their younger counterparts.

In the end, a longer longevity greatly benefits the family as well as society. We should feel obligated to look after our grandparents, as they took care of us when we were young. They’re no longer burdensome, but they’re is a benefit for the nation.

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