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Cricket is now more popular than the national sport in a number of countries, including subcontinental countries.What would you consider to be the main reasons for this?

Explain the reasons in detail and support these with examples based on your personal experience or information.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic Sports
Type: What causes it?

Model Answer 1:

Cricket is definitely the most international sport played in the cricketing nations, as there is hardly any part of the world in which cricket isn’t played and loved. While they have national sports, cricket is becoming much more well-known. This article shed some insight into some of the reasons that could be for this change.

However there are national sports, such as hockey, kabaddi, or volleyball are soon to have fewer international competitions. Cricket includes a variety of events like cricket’s ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, Ashes Series, ICC World Twenty-20 and so on. This means that cricket is given more attention from media outlets across these nations than other national sport. This means that everybody has an love for cricket and its players especially youngsters who are passionate about the sport. Teams like India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka have been multiple world champions while other teams have seen their strength in cricket increase. Therefore, it’s natural that they’ve attracted a large number of people who are passionate about cricket.

However the national sports like hockey, kabaddi, or volleyball will soon be limited to international competitions. Cricket includes a variety of events like events like the ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, Ashes Series, ICC World Twenty-20 and so on. Thus, cricket gets more coverage from the media across these nations than other national sport. In the end, everybody has an love for cricket and its players particularly young players who are devoted to the sport. Teams like India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka have been multiple world champions while other teams have improved their cricket skills. It is therefore normal that they’ve gained a large number of passionate fans who truly enjoy cricket.

To summarize cricket is the most dominant sport in the world of sport, with a particular focus on nations like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia as well as South Africa, which experienced the influence of English culture during the English colonial time and where the sport is regarded as a part of the national pride because of its popularity and fans.

Model Answer 2 :

Cricket is without doubt the most played game in subcontinental nations since there’s hardly a single part of the world that isn’t a place where cricket isn’t being played with relish. While they do have their own national sport but cricket has earned more recognition. In the present I’ll shed information on some of possible reasons that have led to the phenomenon.

The main reason cricket is so popular in subcontinental nations is the fact that this sport was first introduced by the British in the Victorian period. Many nations that played in this sport became familiar with the regulations and rules of the game and began playing the game and eventually becoming skilled in the game. Furthermore, these emerging countries have been imitating English culture for quite some time. In the same way it’s a fashion game, and language and the importance of English vocabulary in these countries is a convincing evidence of this fact that the things that were introduced by the English within their countries of residence was able to thrive.

Therefore, cricket gets more attention than other game played by the federal government in all these countries. As a result, everyone is attracted to cricket and the players particularly kids who have an intense love of the sport. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of cricket fans who enjoy the game to the max.

In short, cricket is the most popular sport in the sporting world, especially in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia and South Africa, that have been influenced by English civilisation throughout the English colonial era and where this sport is believed to be a source of national pride due to their triumph and their fan base.

The reasons why cricket is more well-known than national sports in a number of countries in India’s subcontinent.

Reason 1. Cricket is given greater media coverage and is a part of international tournaments and international events in comparison to many other traditional and national sports in the subcontinent receive very little exposure.

Reason 2. less than 25% of the population (sometimes even less) have an interest in nation’s sports in these countries. In addition nearly 80% of them would like to see various cricket events.

Reason 3. While national cricket teams from nations as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, and West Indies have won the world championships however, their teams of national sports have not had any successes in international competition. Therefore, the people tend to support winning teams more frequently than teams playing national matches.

Fourth reason: The media attention the players in these countries are able to enjoy has brought them fame and a spectacle to the public’s eye. Any win on the field of cricket is seen as massive and is celebrated with pomp and show.

The reason 5 is that Traditional and national games can be played by just few people in these countries, whereas cricket is played by adults and kids alike.

The reason 6 is As a game, was introduced to the nations of these countries around 200 years ago in the English colonial period. In order to keep up with the British population, these nations began to adopt the game and began playing the sport ever since.

7. Many TV networks in the subcontinent broadcast cricket matches throughout the day. However there aren’t many TV channel that shows traditional and local games except for the rare occasions when there are some prestigious tournaments. This is why the public has begun to enjoy cricket more than national sport.

The reason 8 is that Cricketers who are stars earn a significant amount of money, whereas players of both national and local sports are not paid well. It serves both political and commercial reasons, but it’s normal for youngsters to prefer to participate in games with more potential. The popularity of this sport is certainly because of the economic benefits it brings.

Motive 9 The people of the subcontinental countries show a more pronounced attraction to cricket more than other sport. They believe that cricket is more significant than any other sport.

The reason 10 is that Highly successful athletes are popular with people, especially youngsters, which transforms them into fans or potential players. Subcontinental nations have produced many famous cricketers throughout the decades, and they continue to influence the public to love cricket.

Notification: Can you think of any other reason as to why cricket is more well-known than other national sports in a lot of subcontinental nations? Share your thoughts with our readers and with us by commenting. We appreciate it.

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