IELTS Speaking 2. IELTS Cue Cardor Candidate Task Card.

Write about a goal you reached, and that was set by you.

You can say:
What was it?
When did you set it?
How did you do it?
What did it do to your life?

Take note that you have to speak about the topic in a maximum of two minutes. You will have one minute to consider what you’re going to discuss. Notes can be made to aid you if you want.

Model Answer 1:


Based on my experience, it is simple to succeed when we focus our minds on a goal that we have set and make every effort in achieving it. Furthermore, having a goal gives us the direction we’d like to achieve. It could be a quick or a longer-term goal. In my experience, I’ve achieved a variety of goals, both at the personal and professional levels.

What was it? and When did you make it?

But, I’d like to use this occasion to share a resolution I made for myself two years ago. I achieved it through determination and commitment.

In truth, the manner in which I speak in the present is not the same way that I used to speak previously. I’m not saying I’ve reached complete perfect proficiency on the English language or that I do not make any mistakes. However, thanks to my determination and consistent efforts I’ve overcome my fear of speaking in English. I don’t think I wasn’t good at academics however one thing that bothered me was my fear of being able to speak English publicly. I’m talking about the fact that I was afraid of speaking and often stumbled particularly when I was required to speak with my English language.

What did it take to get it?

My mother tongue is Hindi and throughout my education I was able to communicate in my mother tongue. In addition I felt more comfortable in my own language, and was also thought that speaking in English isn’t my thing (you could say Punjabi, Marathi, Telegu or even.). However at school functions, only I could speak at the stage with English maybe once or twice. However, when I finished my studies and entered the world of competition I realized the importance in being able to speak the English language.

Define how it has influenced the way you live?

Furthermore, if I want to get what I am trying to achieve, having a solid proficiency in language like the English language is essential. So, I decided that no matter what it takes, I’ll dedicate my all into learning this language. In fact, I had to fight for a long time to locate the best English teacher. But , I’ll admit it, thanks to their constant support and with my dedication, it was the only way I was able to master this language through writing and reading. Also they helped me learn to improve my proficiency in public speaking.


I am satisfied that my anxiety around speaking has diminished to a degree that it is the most satisfying accomplishment for me. Furthermore, this accomplishment made me realize that any ambition requires perseverance and a proper time to reach it.

Model Answer 2:

The Introduction :

  • I don’t believe I’ve had the strength of a man. I have seen occasions I have set goals , but never achieved them.

What was it?

  • Last year, I set my resolution to start the year with a clean slate and made sure I kept it up to date.
  • This year, I passed my board exams , and I was terribly, I had to spend much of the time at home, for up to three weeks.
  • Due to my weight loss I was unable to feel confident and stopped talking to my friends.
  • Thus, I began to stay inside, and I increased my weight.

When did you set it?

  • So, at the start of 2019, I made the choice to shed the weight I’d am carrying and regain my confidence.

What did it take to get it?

  • I usually achieved it by doing three things. it.
  • At first I joined a fitness center and was a regular at it.
  • I spent 45 minutes to 1 hour at the fitness center.
  • The other thing I did was control and manage my diet daily.
  • This was very difficult because I am a huge fan of candy.
  • It was difficult to quit chocolates.
  • The last thing I did was get to bed on time.
  • It would be easy to just go about my business at the gym if got up on time. That meant I was required to fall asleep at a reasonable time.
  • In the past, I used to have the habit of binge-watching TV and I would then tend to remain up until late at late at night.
  • I’d love to wake up at a reasonable time so if I’d done this, I’d never be able to get into the fitness center.
  • I haven’t stopped watching television shows, but I made sure that I watched only one episode each day.
  • The trainer at my gym also advised me that it is important to get 8 hours of sleep is needed in order for muscles to recover and heal, therefore the amount of sleep is crucial.

What is the impact it had on your personal life? and Conclusion :

  • After 3 months of this regimen I was finally able to lose all that weight.
  • The confidence I gained from this experience was a boost and I was able to go out to meet my friends once more.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions you could ask during your third part of your presentation by an examiner relating to the cue cards “describe a goal that you achieved, which was set by yourself”.

1. Do they have to write down their the targets or do they just need to keep them in mind?

I like to write down my goals. It’s a way of gaining motivation in the event of a low moment, or when we’re suffering from a difficult day and we want to give up.

2. Do Indian people set goals?

Yes, lots of Indian folks do. I remember on the 1st day of January, a lot of my pals and I discussed our goals for the new year and resolutions.

3. Parents should set goals for their children?

I believe that parents should encourage children to keep their goals However, I do not believe that parents should keep their own goals. Since I believe that if children fail to keep their goals in mind and goals, they’ll not have the same level of motivation as parents to accomplish them.

4. When do teenagers and young women start setting goals for themselves?

I believe there is no set age. It’s all based on the maturity of the individual and their level of responsibility. Certain people start keeping goals from a young age, such as the age of ten or twelve, whereas others start keeping goals after becoming adults. Goal setting is more about achieving self-fulfillment and making self-improvement. Understanding that one can improve themselves sometimes occur early, and other times later.

5. What are some goals that aren’t realistic?

I believe that goals that align with the person’s personality are feasible. If I decide to take on a task that requires me to make an extreme change in my life, I would not be able to do it. This would be impossible for me.

6. Are young and the elderly have different objectives? What do they have in common?

I believe both yes. These are more about making a difference to be alive, while goals for women and men over the age of 50 focus on helping young people succeed in their goals. However, sometimes the goals are similar as an example I observe youngsters and older people trying to lose weight and look sharp in fitness centers.

7. What’s more rewarding than doing something to achieve a goal than realizing it?

I feel that both are fulfilling in their own way. Achieving an objective is about conquering and overcoming obstacles and it’s all about failure and then getting back. The end result is that achieving a goal gives you a sense that your efforts made some difference. If we don’t fight for something, neither the effort that we put into it or the end goal will bring satisfaction.

8. Do you believe that it’s crucial to set real-world goals?

I feel that being Realistic is a good thing, but it also has its advantages and. It’s advantageous in the event that objectives be unattainable it is very difficult to quit and think that it’s impossible initially. It’s also harmful because we don’t try to test our limits. We don’t ever try to push ourselves over. Therefore, I usually create goals that are only reasonable.

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