IELTS Speaking 2. IELTS Cue CardTask Card for Candidates.

Name a person you have offered to apologize to you.

You can say:
Who is this person?
How did this happen?
What was the person’s response to apologize?
How did you feel about the apology?

Be aware that you will be required to speak about the subject in a maximum of two minutes. You’ll have a minute to consider the things you’ll talk about. Notes can be made to assist you if would like.

Model answer


  • Unknowingly or in some cases, most of Us commit a few wrong actions in our lives and regret it to ourselves.
  • Sometimes, we cause harm to someone else or another person. our nerves.
  • If I am aware of my mistake and realize my mistake, I am not unwilling to admit my mistake and honestly.

Who is this person?

  • Here, I’d like to discuss my friend, Rohan, who cried at me after spilling ink over my paper.
  • Rohan is my absolute favorite friend.
  • He’s only 20 and isn’t very large, but he appears to be attractive.

When did this happen?

  • It was two weeks before our board exams for pre-board of +2, we had to send in our math assignments.
  • We had completed our homework with great effort and we were extremely pleased with the result.
  • Rohan had bought a brand new ink-pen and was trying to write his own name onto the cover of the assignment.
  • But, there was an issue with the pencil.
  • In an attempt to Begin writing using the pencil He made it very difficult and ink sank on my goal that was lying.
  • I was on the edge of crying.

What did this person say to apologize?

  • He was devastated and apologized in my name to me.

How did you feel regarding your apology?

  • I could clearly see in his expressions that was a deep sorrow.
  • However, I also realized that I’d need to revise my mission and over.
  • Rohan stuck around with me throughout the night and helped me with preparing my assignment over and over.
  • It wouldn’t be possible without his assistance.
  • The following day we completed our homework and received high marks from our instructor.


  • Apologizing won’t fix the damage However, it will make you feel guilty over the matter.
  • My friend was trying to make the price for his mistake by saying sorry and assisting me.
  • Today, we’re the most wonderful of friends.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions you might ask in your 3rd part of your speech by an examiner in relation to the cue cards “describe a person who has apologized to you.”.

1. It is important to apologize?

It is essential to apologize, as it makes you be sorry and inform the person who you’re talking to that you’re sorry and will not repeat the mistake afterwards.

2. In what circumstances do people apologize?

People apologize when they have done something wrong either unknowingly or in a conscious manner and then discover their mistake. They also apologize in order to resolve any miscommunication with a loved ones or friends.

3. Why are some people afraid to express their sorrow?

A lot of people don’t like to apologize due to their ego and believe that they will be criticized when they apologize. Sometimes, they don’t realize their mistake. Sometimes, they believe that the person who is at fault and must admit sorry.

4. In what situations should we immediately apologize?

We must apologize immediately when we realize our mistake or if we do not want any miscommunication to occur, or if we don’t want to see the friendship to end or if we wish our relationship with another person to strengthen. For instance in a noisy place or when we accidentally bump on someone or do not switch off my phone when it rings and disturbs everyone in the class, I don’t delay in apologize.

5. When is it that people say”Thank you?

People today express their gratitude whenever someone helps them, or presents them with an item or wishes them on special occasions and festivals. People today thank other people for their help or help, such as an employee in a restaurant, attendants at gas stations, etc.

6. When was the last time you felt it difficult to take the apology?

The only time I’ve found it difficult to admit that I deserved an apology the time my cousin who was 10 damaged my laptop, and I threw away all the important papers I had. I was devastated and could not solve the issue. My cousin apologized to me numerous times but I can remember that I didn’t talk to him properly for two weeks. I’ve never allowed him to ever touch my belongings in the future.

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