Speaking Part 2 of the IELTS Test cue card for IELTS

Write about an experience you’ve had as part of a team.

You can say:
What did it mean?
Who were the team members? the team?
What role did you fill on this team?
Explain how you accomplished your goals?

Be aware that you will be required to speak about the subject in a maximum of two minutes. You will have one minute to consider the things you’ll talk about. Notes can be made to aid you if you want.

Model Answer 1 :

The Introduction :

According to my experience the team plays a crucial function in completing tasks at both the personal and professional levels. I am a firm believer in the adage that “Together everyone can achieve more’. I’ve had the pleasure of being in numerous teams since I was a child. Additionally, I can say that my experiences were fantastic.

What was it?

But, for today, I’d like to discuss an incident that I worked with a group during my college time that made a huge difference in my life.

It was the time at the time I was through my final year of Management studies. While I was doing well academically but one thing that frightened me was my public speaking.

What were the team members on the team?

I’m saying that I was terrified of speaking in public, and I would stumble often. Unexpectedly the other day, my teacher called me, along with four other students from different streams and advised us that they had been selected by him to present a group speech about Interpersonal Skills, at the college level.

I felt like I felt like I was on top of the world for that chance because being selected from 120 applicants isn’t an easy task. However, at some point I was feeling blue as I thought about the challenges I’ll face if I work with a group of strangers. Everyone was of the same view about it as a tough to crack until we got together and began working together.

What part did you play on your team?

As I was a pro at presentation skills, I worked in the preparation of slides with another student. They were all proficient in speaking and following-up We worked extremely well together to draw out the strengths of each other. We also brainstormed various ways to work together to address each others weak points.

Explain the steps you took to reach your goal?

The team members of my team helped me overcome my anxiety of public speaking by helping me boost my confidence. It was a surprise that everything went smoothly on the day, even though I was anxious. The next day, I realized that when everyone is working with one another, then success takes into its own hands.


I was ecstatic to the core when my professor praised the teamwork, cooperation and collaboration that we had achieved as well as the exceptional bonding of our team. Additionally my stage fright has been gone and that was the biggest accomplishment for me.

Model Answer 2 :


  • Have had positive as well as negative experiences working in teams.
  • Today I’ll be talking about the most memorable experience I’ve ever had.
  • I believe it was because I felt a strong connection with my fellow group members, and also the task I played was one that I enjoyed a lot.

What was it?

  • In 12th grade as part of the curriculum of economics, the class was given an assignment in a group.

Which were team members on the team?

  • My instructor created groups of three members, and the members of the group were randomly selected.
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t get to know anyone else in the group members of my group.
  • I’m saying that I know their names but not beyond that.
  • We were given the freedom to pick the topic of the assignment by ourselves.
  • Therefore, we chose the issue of global economic crises in 2007 and 2008.
  • We were all interested to know what took place for this huge crisis and the reason India wasn’t particularly affected.

What was your role in your team?

  • It is possible to claim that I am the nerd in the group, and I was assigned the task of collecting data.
  • The others in the group were also involved.
  • I can remember spending the afternoons reading books about the topic at the local library.
  • It was in this section in which we became wonderful acquaintances.
  • I gathered all of the data and later sorted I divided it into various parts , and then I created it.
  • The final aspect of work was group demonstrations.

and describe what you did to achieve your goal?

  • I was extremely nervous because I was afraid of public speaking very intimidating.
  • However, my teammates truly helped me during that time. We did the demonstration three or times. This made me feeling much more confident.


  • I think we all performed extremely well in our presentation since only two groups earned an A grade for the presentation, and we were among them.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions you can ask in your 3rd part of your speech by an examiner in relation to the cue cards “describe an experience you had as a member of a team”.

1. Do you wish to work on your own or together?

I am a fan of working alone because I am not a fan of being dependent on other people. But, it is also dependent on the team members. If I’m able to establish an Fantastic relationship with all team members I find it pleasant.

2. Which kind of person is suitable for use?

The main quality I am looking for in my team members is sincerity. This is a reference to honesty with work. I’ve worked with many Individuals who never finish their work and I hate working with them.

3. Do you like working in teams or group study?

Yes, group work is certainly fun because it requires sharing ideas and discussion. Studying or working alone can sometimes be boring. Sometimes, however, it can also be frustrating, particularly if the students in the group talk often, as I’m distracted.

4. What are the advantages of studying on your own?

The biggest benefit of studying on our own is the fact that we are able to focus better. This is why it’s better to study on your own. Another benefit of studying on your own is the flexibility. provides. What I mean by this is that we can study when or wherever we’re required and learn at our own pace.

5. What lessons can children gain through working together?

The main benefit that I see is children are taught to work together and collaborate with each other. This is extremely valuable for adults who are required to collaborate in projects.

6. What are the drawbacks of working in the group?

I believe, first of all working as a team can be very inefficient due to the fact that we must work at a common established pace. In addition, it could lead to feelings of jealousy the event that other group member isn’t honest in their work, and we’re relying on them to complete their task.

7. It is great to have different opinions within the same group?

It’s nice to have both yes and no. Yes, since staff differences ensure that the staff spend more time discussing issues, which means there’s less chance of making mistakes. But, having differences results in slower processes.

8. What are the most important qualities and capabilities required to succeed in a group?

I believe that the primary ability needed to be successful includes the capability to work with other people. The ideal person should be accommodating but not so accommodating that they don’t speak their voices. What I mean by this is that they must be open to the ideas of other people, but also share their thoughts and opinions about the ideas of other people.

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