Describe an important journey that was delayed ielts speaking


IELTS Speaking Part 2. IELTS Cue Card

Discuss an important journey with a delay.

It should be a reference to:
What is the reason it was important?
What was the cause of the delay?
What did you think happened at the end?

Take note that you have to discuss the subject in a maximum of two minutes. You will have one minute to consider the things you’ll talk about. You may make notes to aid you if you would like.

Model answer:


I think that everyone should find time to go to various locations. My family too loves to explore new places. Every year, we make plans to explore new destinations. This year, we made plans for a trip to all known Sikh holy sites of Punjab. We were happy to visit them. We decided to travel the distance via automobile.

Why is it so important?

It was during July and it was an important trip for us since are all at work the majority often. It is only in July that everyone has time to spend quality time with their family members. Furthermore, at the end of July my brother was moving to the United States to pursue higher studies. We couldn’t not have the chance to spend the time we had with him because my brother was going out for at most three years. The journey began at the early hours of the morning. We decided to go to “Sri Anandpur Sahib” at first. Sudden! Our car stopped working seven kilometers away from where we were.

What was the cause of that delay?

Although my father is equipped with the right knowledge to manage a car that breaks down, it was extremely difficult to pinpoint the issue. Finally, he Googled local mechanics and found that there was repair shops only a stone’s throw from the location. However, it took about 1 hour to resolve the issue. About 3 km from the point, we came to learn that the area was under construction, and we were forced to go on a different path. This meant that we had to wait an additional three hours to reach where we wanted to go, and that is not the best decision. My brother was looking forward to taking blessings of “Gurudwara Sahib” before moving to another country.

What did you see at the final?

Additionally my grandfather also wanted to drive us to the area to ensure that we stay connected to our roots. If we had continued on the trip to the place, it would have been exhausting for my father to drive. This is why we made a decision to go to one Sikh sacred place the next day. Everyone was in agreement with this decision. When we got to the end of the evening and decided to stay for the night.


However, we were content with the day, even with our travel plans were delayed.

Vocabulary and idioms were used in this model are :

  • The world’s most renowned Famous
    • Ex. Britain is known for its passion for animals.
  • We are delighted! I am extremely happy
    • ex. smile that is happysmile.
  • Explore To travel to an area, etc. to find out more about it
    • The Ex. he went on a walk throughthe Fontainebleau Forest.
  • Dawn crack It is very late in the day
    • Ex. I’ve been up since first light.
  • Stone’s a stone’s throw away Nearby:
    • The . The ocean is just a just a stone’s distance far!

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