Destination: College Town, USA


It is worth looking at the surrounding towns when choosing your study abroad destination. College towns in the United States have their own culture. Smaller towns have unique advantages, from the student-centered atmosphere to the all-American tradition and history.

It’s a great choice for students to choose a school located in a college city.
The university campus and its students are the heart of college towns. Businesses cater to students of average age, unlike big cities. International students will have greater opportunities to meet people who share similar interests and live in a tight-knit, friendly environment.

It is affordable.
Local restaurants and businesses that depend on students often offer special events and discounts to fit student budgets!

It is authentic.
You will feel more at home in big cities that have a mixture of cultures from around the globe. If you are visiting America to enjoy American culture, however, you will find it in abundance in smaller towns. You will also need to speak English.

How can you get the best out of your new home? You can find more information in our collection of planning resources .

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