ETS Global Signs First CMD Agreement with Turkey

Okul Yayin DanismanlikA.S has signed the agreement. He has been our non-exclusive Partner for the TOEFL (r?) Young Students Series Products since 2014.

Okul Yayin Danismanlik A.S. Okul Yayin Danismanlik A.S. is a company that brings together educators, assessment providers, and software entrepreneurs to help them achieve their educational goals in Turkey. It promotes the correct use of assessments and improves the user experience. Okul Yayin Danismanlik A.S. Provides consultancy services and assessments based on international standards for improving the quality of English language learning and teaching in Turkey.

The agreement’s main purpose is to allow the partner to continue offering the TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior tests to more academic institutions, particularly private school chains. The main success factors for the schools are not only the ETS brand and the reputation of the local partner but also the ability to localize institutional reports and enable quick score turnaround and implement onsite institutional computer-delivered speaking skills testing.

From left to right Remzi Canarslan is the Managing Director at Okul Yayin Danismanlik. Gerben van Lent Executive Director Strategy and Business Growth at ETS Global

We are thrilled and confident that ETS Global’s continued collaboration will bring significant market share, especially for private schools chains at tier 1.

Maria Victoria Calabrese is ETS Global’s Academic and Government Relations Director, responsible for the Turkish business.

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