Hidden Gems: Small German Cities for Study Abroad

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Berlin. Munich. Hamburg. The largest cities in Germany have much to offer students who are looking to study abroad. But what about the smaller towns? These charming towns not only offer the vibrancy and culture of big cities but also provide unique local experiences.


  • Location Bonn, located on the Rhine River is just 15 miles south from Cologne
  • The perks This efficient transport system extends to the whole Rhine Ruhr region.
  • The most popular areas of study arePolitics, medical sciences and politics
  • Interesting fact: Beethoven was conceived here


  • Location In the Black Forest’s mountains, Freiburg is Germany’s southernmost city
  • The perks While it’s easy to walk to everything, the city still has the rich culture that comes with a big city.
  • The most popular areas of study are Environmental studies and sustainability
  • Fun fact Freiburg receives more sunlight than any other place in Germany


  • Lage: Goettingen is located in Central Germany on the Leine River
  • The perks Goettingen has approximately 130,000 residents. One quarter of them are students and campus employees.
  • The most popular areas of study are Applied, natural, and social sciences
  • Fun fact Goettingen is home to the “most-kissed” girl in the world, a statue called “Ganseliesel”, which stands smiling at a fountain at the market.

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