important for young children to go to school


You should be spending approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

Certain people believe it is essential for children of a young age to go to school as early as they can. Some are of the opinion it is best for children to be able to stay their homes and have fun until at least six or seven years old.

Explain the reasons in detail and support these with examples based on your personal experience or knowledge.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Theme: Education
Type : Opinion

Model answer

There’s been a massive increase in the number of prodigies who have discussed the subject of the right school-going age for their children. While many believe that toddlers need to start school at the earliest possible time however, some believe that they should be spending in their home until they reach seven. I completely agree with the second view.

One of the main reasons parents would like their children to go to school is to learn the basics of. This is certainly the time when a child’s cognitive development is at an accelerated rate, and colleges must offer them plenty of opportunities to discover and experience new products compared to what they are used to in their home. In the classroom, students will not only be taught crucial subjects like”Mathematics” or”English” as well as well, they will learn other behaviors and ethical considerations that will influence their future.

On the flip side youngsters up to 7 years old should be allowed to be with their parents since they are aware of the things they observe or watch as they grow up. In other words, they can’t discern between good and harmful practices and can be misled easily during the college setting. Additionally, the pressure that is a part of university life, it can cause harm to infants and limit their ability to function openly and take lessons from the natural world. The colleges are accused of restricting their independence and denies the children of enjoying their childhood. A recent study from Washington found that the early years of education place too an focus on formal education, and additionally, it robs children of their creativity.

To summarise in a short way, despite the numerous advantages of preschool I believe that children shouldn’t be sent to school before the age of seven, to safeguard their children from bad habits and to give them greater independence and a chance to enjoy their early years.

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