You should devote approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

Many people believe that in the modern world it’s unnecessary to educate children on the art of writing. What do you think? do you agree or do you disagree?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate the reasons using examples from your own personal experience or experience.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Theme: Education
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1: [Disagreement]

A lot of people think that handwriting is not necessary in this technological age, and youngsters do not need to practice their writing skills, particularly because they’ll likely type instead of writing throughout their lives. Unfortunately, this perception is a mistake. I am convinced that handwriting skills are important even in today’s digital age.

A great handwriting style is essential children learn to write concisely and clearly and also are able to write clearly. Handwriting is a lot more than just putting the letters on a page and is an integral element of learning and the expression of thoughts. The scrawls that cannot be understood could be distinguished from speaking that is not comprehended. Handwriting is important because students are required to write every day in college. Students who is a challenge to the mechanism of handwriting could have difficulties making notes while they are studying. This could affect their confidence in themselves and the way they view college. A great penmanship style can result in higher marks since research shows that the same paper is scored significantly higher in the event that handwriting quality is impressive.

To the point Handwriting proficiency can boost confidence, despite some belief that handwriting isn’t related to better academic performance. The more children practice skills like writing, the more powerful the motor pathways become before it becomes automatic. What’s more, how do you keep it in mind? In this case when a person creates a note or record notice , but then forgets about the record, he’s more likely to remember the details he recorded than when trying to integrate the information.

In the end the digital and computer-generated data have in no alteration to the necessity for handwriting proficiency. They’re even more common in the age of technology where good handwriting is linked to academic performance and success on the one hand, and increases confidence however, on the other hand.

Model Answer 2: [Agreement]

Writing skills require skillful, an artistic approach to writing letters and requires lots of practice and time. Because students are more inclined to write on paper rather than writing on a paper for the rest of their lives I am not sure that this skill is commonplace in the current age of computers that are being used in academic and professional settings.

First of all the attractive design was a benchmark for academic success in the before, but not in the technological age. Classes, assignments tests, and other college-related tasks are for the largest of the time conducted using computers. This is why students should be able to master the basics of computing and typing, more than simply introducing natural correspondence patterns to newspapers. As an example I completed three assignments during my last sentence and all of them were sent to my teachers via email, whereas only the one that was written by hand. In any event, the spending time in strengthening my handwriting could be used to master important subjects and skills.

Furthermore, the use also of Web in workplaces is becoming a standard practice. The worker must become an expert in computer use as well as a natural writer. is not required for being hired by a business. However, a better penmanship score has little value in a world that is surrounded by technology. In the long-term, when computers dominate educators and parents have to focus more on teaching technology to their students rather than teaching the proper way for a letter to be bent or emphasized!

In the end, academic goals and the demands of professionals in the technological age, encourage students to have skills in computers . This is the reason it could be beneficial to improve their technical skills rather than handwriting abilities which has become less important.

Tips: Why the ability to write is essential for children:

As children learn to write concisely and clearly they also learn how to speak to themselves.

2. The act of writing in handwriting stimulates children’s minds over the simple act of typing on a keyboard, as it requires greater motor and cognitive capabilities.

3. Being able to write clearly allows children to pay attention to an issue instead of being distracted.

4. Children who have difficulty with all handwriting’s mechanics could be unable to write notes for their assignments and shooting exams.

5. Handwriting that is beautiful has an effect on the grades.

6. Handwriting that is not legible can cause poor self-esteem. Low self-esteem can lead to an insecurity among students.

7. Research indicates that the same type of paper is much more highly rated when the design is clean and easy to read.

8. Teachers, professors and parents alike admire a superb handwriting talent.

9. Students are always learning more as they learn new concepts by handwriting, rather than typing on a computer.

10. Handwriting helps them slow down and be more involved with their ideas , while signing up computers may not.

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