You should devote approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

Many believe that students at universities must be taught a broad variety of subjects rather than focusing on particular subjects.To what extent do you concur in this view?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate these with examples based on your own personal experience or experience.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic Education
Type : Opinion

Model Answer [Disagreement] :

It is often said that students of higher institutions must be able to cover a broad range of subjects covered in their curriculum instead of focusing on a handful of areas. Ido not completely agree with this view principally due to two main reasons.

In the beginning, universities are designed to impart specialized knowledge to their students, not to enhance their overall knowledge. The students are accepted into universities when they have completed several years of academic research in various disciplines. They are in tertiary schools typically to learn specific information related to their area of research. Inflicting unnecessary stress by the imposing of topics that aren’t relevant to their area of expertise could become a hindrance to meeting the necessary target sets during their lives. For instance it is not a strong connection between math and sociology. Majors in mathematics will be confused in their studies of various aspects of sociology. Likewise students of sociology are reluctant to tackle complicated math.

Additionally, many schools are currently working to maintain their status while others are offering only specializations in specific fields. The addition of additional topics within each college will add unneeded weight and, consequently there will be a variety of opinions and actions among them. For instance, the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi’ considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions in India and has a specialization in technology and scientific research. If they are required to include Arts closely related subjects to their science-related majors, they’ll be battling for quality.

In the end it is important to note that universities are designed for specificization. Students should focus on topics that are related to their field of study or subjects they are they are interested in. The temptation to include various topics that are not appropriate can undermine the purpose of education at universities.

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