You should devote around 40 minutes studying IELTS writing task 2.

Some think that learning history is not worth the time While others consider it important to know history.Discuss both sides and provide your own personal opinion.

Provide specific reasons and illustrate the reasons using examples from your personal experience or your information.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic Education
Type Discussion

Model Answer 1 :

There are many opinions on the impact of learning about the history of our time and how we can use information from the past to enhance the future. Some people believe that learning about history has nothing to offer, others believe that studying history offers the potential to uncover our past and apply it to determine our future. The article examines both sides of the argument However, the article tends toward the latter.

The study of history is a waste of energy and time according to a group of individuals. They also believe that studying science and technology will bring even more benefit for society, and that the knowledge gained can be applied to future advancement. Literature, in contrast they say is difficult to use to everyday life. Students studying science, for instance are able to explore and create useful machines and tools which can result in a fantastic possibility of development. On the other hand students in the upper grades are expected to recall historical dates and events.

But, as per numerous others, this isn’t the complete picture. Alongside instructing us about the past learning about history also will help us to be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. If one doesn’t understand what caused it to happen at all it is impossible to avoid a catastrophe. Ireland is one example. It was afflicted by potato blight in 19th century, also known in the Irish Potato Famine, and it happened because Irish people were completely dependent on potato. If a different crop was planted, it could be avoided. However, the people have learned a valuable lesson from this tragic event- cultivating many different crops. In addition, the teaching of history at schools helps in fostering patriotism among youngsters, which is vital for a prosperous future generation.

In conclusion, we are taught valuable lessons through their experiences and we should take our lessons from the past, which is the most valuable knowledge of all to make an economically prosperous country. Science cannot provide an array of advantages without a thorough understanding of history.

Model Answer 2 :

There are many different opinions about the outcomes of studying the past and how we can use the information from the past to make the future better. Many people today say that studying history isn’t worth anything to offer, others think that studying history offers the possibility of identifying our past and using the lessons learned to create our future.

According to a group of people, learning background is an inefficient use of resources and energy. They also believe that learning about science and technology will bring more benefits to mankind as well as information that could be used to enhance the future. However, history, on the other hand is difficult to apply in daily life, and is built on these. For instance, students studying science are able to experiment and create useful equipment and instruments and, in turn, lead to a dazzling future of innovation. Additionally students from historical institutions are required to include historical dates and events from the past.

However, this isn’t an complete picture, as per many other. Knowing the background of an event doesn’t just inform us about past events, but also allows us to be better prepared in the end. It is impossible to avoid an enormous catastrophe when we don’t know why it happened at all in the first place. In the 19th century, for instance, Ireland endured the blight of berries, dubbed”the Irish Potato Famine Also it was because potatoes were the sole reason for being Irish. If they had planted another crop, the situation could be prevented. However, this unfortunate background has taught us an important lesson is to cultivate an array of diverse crops. In the end, teaching history in the college setting helps to foster an attitude of patriotism in the young that is crucial to have an enthralling future.

In the end, people have learned a lot from their experience and can also help create an environment that is prosperous. We need to be aware of our past to provide the greatest experience possible. Without a thorough understanding of the history, the scientific advances will not bring an variety of benefits.

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