Kim Min-woo’s Trusted Test-Taking Tips


TOEFL (r), Scholarship Winner Kim Min-woo from Korea credits his success to his ability to find interesting ways to improve his English language skills. These are his tips and tricks from the TOEFL (r) exam.

Reading: Do not rush. Read the passage to get a basic understanding, then go through the questions. To ensure you understand the meaning of the passage, make sure to reread it before answering.

Listening to: Take note: Learn to listen attentively while taking notes and jotting down as many details as possible. It doesn’t matter if some of the information in the dialog seems trivial. However, it is a good idea to keep it in writing just in case it is needed in context for a question in the test.

General Practice

  • Enjoy reading fun books, and not only required reading.
  • American TV Dramas
  • As much as you can, converse in English with your peers

Kim Min-woo was aware that the TOEFL (r) test was required for admission to university. But what he didn’t know was the value of his English skills after graduation. His English proficiency made him highly marketable on the job market.

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