Life spans and improvements in the health of older people


You should be spending approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

Increased life expectancy and improvement in the health of people over 60 suggest that those who are older than sixty-five are able to continue living active and full lives. In what ways could society gain from the contributions older individuals have to offer?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate the reasons using examples from your personal experience or knowledge.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

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Type Advantages

Model Answer 1

The people of today are likely to live longer and live a healthier life span than people who lived before. Many people view retirement as an opportunity for relaxation and getting away from the stress of working. This essay will highlight two ways in which this passion could help society.

Participation in college is one way to ensure that the experiences of seniors could be available to the local community. Since families of today are more mobile than in the in the past, many kids aren’t in regular contact with their grandparents. Children are nevertheless intrigued by tales of the past from generations before. Invite retired residents from the local area in to schools to share their stories with children can aid in maintaining the crucial link between the past and the present.

Another way that society can benefit from an active older generation is to encourage older workers to working for a short period of time. Seniors may not want to or even be able to work a full-time work, but their experiences could benefit their employers. An excellent illustration of this can be seen in a program in the UK where older employees were employed as mentors for young workers.

My opinion is that the workplace and schools are only two of the areas in which those who are retired are able to remain active in their communities. As life expectancy rises and the need to live active and live a meaningful social life also increases. Research suggests that this pattern has advantages for everyone people, not just the old.

Model Answer 2

In general, the generation of people over 25 years old older, may engage in specific actions and can promote themselves to the same to a large amount. I’m certain that they can participate in specific activities, not only when they are in the right place, as well as in a informal place. There are two different ways that people could profit from a specific interest.

Being involved in a family’s special occasions is one of the best ways to be involved.
how the senior citizens can the ways in which they can. The older female relatives of the girl can converse
on the traditional recipes for meals, and the guys can share their opinions
and an interest in the and games that they played with before. So, they have a lot of interest in games that were popular before.
The younger generation of relatives will likely feel more relaxed because they feel more at peace.
The couple might get some suggestions on how to make an
Happy family. The time spent with the entire family can increase the happiness.

Another way is that old can be a part of colleges. For instance faculty members can request local retired people to share their knowledge with students. I’m certain that students will be amazed by the old people’s story of the previous situation. They could provide information regarding the crucial connections between their lives and the present. On the other hand children can request parents for their parents in light of families nowadays becoming more mobile in their the subject of livelihood.

Some careers like writing, teaching, studying or mentoring require experience, and older people are able to lead these professions. For instance an older professor could be an an excellent resource for the study section at a college or university.

In a way, the old generation might bring benefits to the society. As our lives get longer so does the demand for the contributions of the old generation is also should to be increased. Making older adults more active in the society will not only provide benefits to them however, it also benefits the younger generation.

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