main purpose of public libraries is to provide books


You should devote approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

The primary purpose of libraries for public use is to offer books. They must not waste their resources and resources on high-end technology that is expensive, such as video and computer software as well as DVDs. What do you think? Do you think you are in agreement or disagreement with this assertion?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate these with examples based on your own personal experience or experience.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic Topic: Public facility
Type : Opinion

Model Answer

The traditional library is a place where has shelves of books that a person can borrow and read. But, technological progress and the enormous impact it has had on the way we learn the world and share information have changed the concept of a library since the times. Therefore, electronic content and technological centers are often used in libraries across the world and I’m afraid disagreement with the belief that these services are waste of resource or space needed to a library.

Library owners who oppose high-tech libraries usually claim that they divert readers and are more expensive to pay money. However, I think that libraries that have modern technology are more beneficial to patrons and allow the librarian to manage their library in a more organized manner. Multimedia libraries provide users with a variety of sound, pictures films, or virtual trips. Therefore, listening to a well-known historical landmark or taking an interactive tour of the Colosseum is much more engaging and exciting than simply studying the subject. In addition, multimedia centers and DVDs in libraries may at first appear expensive but they are actually valuable equipment for longer and provide vital information to help you study or references. As an example that one DVD could help save the entire volume of Encyclopedia Britannica that would occupy an entire plate in the library.

Recently, libraries that are public could save space and cash and also attract more readers through the use of technology and interactive content. If they have computers and libraries administration applications They don’t require a lot of members. In all likelihood it can take some time to shield publications from water, fire, and other damage, but electronic materials can be copied and kept for as long as we want. When it comes to bringing young generations into the future, a modern library is much more efficient.

In the end, the transformation into the public libraries has also added value for researchers and users because they serve as centers that provide interactive instruction and knowledge sharing. It is expected that the standard libraries will consist of modern, digital and digitized facilities that will enhance personal understanding and knowledge.

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