You should be spending around 40 minutes studying IELTS writing task 2.

A lot of people take part in distance-learning programs (study materials, posts television, Internet) and study at home, however certain people think they won’t get the same benefits as going to schools or colleges does.Do you believe that you can or should you not?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate the reasons using examples from your personal experience or your experience or.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Theme: Education
Type : Opinion

Model Answer :

Distance education, which is a current phenomenon, has begun to be popular following the invention of the internet. Before the advent of the internet the concept was limited to TV and articles, and can attract only a small number of learners. Even with the rise of online learning because of advancements in technology but it’s not of the same as attending an educational institution that is formalized for me as far as I’m concerned.

First of all an education at a college doesn’t just mean an academic course that is based on textbooks. It is also a focus on creating an educated and well-rounded creation in a structured environment where students are taught how to interact with each other, discover the diverse cultures and learn to tackle real-world issues. Film scripts and other published files don’t teach them on how to make use of the skills technology-based skills. For instance, someone who is exposed to a particular skill online is unable to master it in real life. Therefore, their inability to perform on the job is a matter of concern.

Furthermore, teachers have a lot of knowledge of students from different backgrounds. They can also modify their instruction according to the capabilities of their pupils. This is entirely lacking from the distance learning procedure, and so the single-package-fits-all version is not as productive. Achieving success with an internet course to learn to play the guitar may be a case that will endure. A recent study by The University of Sussex shows that eight out of ten guitar players who study online do not master the instrument due to a lack of inspiration. This is which formal education originates from inspiring students. Learning at distance to master programming languages or cooking techniques for at a school might be helpful for everyone, but it isn’t the only option for learn from the schools and universities.

In the end, we go to institutions of learning to learn and develop as citizens rather than to learn courses and pass exams. Although distance learning could provide a boost to our brains to be educated however, it won’t be the same as going to a college or university. college.

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