On, In or At Midnight: Mastering Prepositions

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Prepositions can be a difficult grammar skill to master for English language learners. If you have trouble choosing the right prepositions, you are not alone. Let’s look at a common question regarding the use of time phrases with prepositions.

First, a reminder.

Prepositions are words that establish a relationship between two words. To show direction, time, or location it can be used in conjunction with a pronoun, noun, or noun phrase.

Take, for example:

We are meeting at, the restaurant just around corner.
After class, we went to at the store

What do you use with different times of the day?

At — Used to indicate a specific point in time.

The film will be shown at midnight.
On Tuesdays, I take class at 8:30.
Let’s have lunch at noon.

In — Used to indicate time periods.

I am going to the spring abroad.
He was born in 1995.
I will be there in ten minutes

On — A term that refers to specific dates and days.

Would you like to study with us on Saturday?
The final will be on December 10th

It takes practice to understand nuances such as these. We promise, it will become easier to understand nuances like these when you listen to native English speakers.

Grammar Girl is our favorite English expert and can answer any questions you may have about prepositions.

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