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The majority of people are aware how important the protection of our environment vital. Yet, the majority of people aren’t taking responsibility to safeguard the environment. Why is that? What can we do to make people more aware of the need to protect the natural environment?

Explain the reasons in detail and support the reasons using examples from your personal experience or your experience or.

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As we have come to appreciate our capacity to harness nature, people have begun using it to make their lives more enjoyable and easy.. But, instead, they have begun to use this power and causing harm to quality to a extent that it is catastrophic for all of humanity. Climate change caused by human activity and pollution of the environment pose a threat to our existence on earth but we’re absconding with our responsibility to safeguard. The environment. The reason is that people don’t know the full extent of its effects and think it is something that will be dealt with in the near future.

The most obvious reason is the inability of us to grasp the devastating consequences caused by global warming. Despite the constant news and television reports from all over the world the world, many people are unaware about the fate of the earth. While people strive to save cash to renovate their home or buy a brand new car and yet, they don’t know what percentage of the globe would be an unsustainable result of the rising sea level and the resulting waste. We would have treated environmental protection with the same care as we do our careers or the future, if we only thought about did. Many feel that environmental issues are not sufficiently complicated to be controlled through individual actions that I believe to be a false notion.

Another reason people are oblivious to the effects of environmental degradation is the doubt that it can be addressed in the near future. In the end, we are more worried about solving urgent issues such as housing shortages or traffic congestion rather than avoid the disaster which is predicted to occur in the near future. For instance, many remain convinced that the pace of global warming and environmental degradation isn’t as serious as is stated in media and that the technologies that are being developed in the near future can easily manage it. It is clear that these assumptions and beliefs are not true and the public must take action now to reduce the damages. Children must be taught about their responsibility to safeguard nature at school and, wherever feasible, encouraged to grow trots. Furthermore the government should enforce strict laws that will make it impossible for people to use waste products that pollute the environment. Additionally, through tax incentives as well as other benefits the government would encourage individuals to become more sustainable.

In conclusion, if they aren’t keen on making our planet a secluded and barren space, then they must be aware of the actual threat of climate change and take the necessary steps to protect the planet for our generations to follow.

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