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The psychological effects of mental illness may not be as evident as physical illnesses or disabilities however they’re equally debilitating in their own manner. However, society has a higher acceptance rate of people suffering from physical illnesses than mental or disabilities.To what degree do you feel that you are in agreement or not?

Explain the reasons in detail and support the reasons using examples from your personal experience or experience or.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic is: Diseases
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1

A majority of the population suffers from mental illness, and the illnesses are given less importance than it merits. Even more troubling, minor psychological problems are often ignored by family members and doctors, while serious cases are demeaningly handled and treated as admen keeping them in prison. It is evident that traumas to the mind from world’s culture is not given the appropriate attention and respect.

The first is the number of general hospitals that care for people with body disorders as well as the nurses and doctors committed to them is significantly greater than health centres and mental illness staff. To locate an institution in any location one has to walk for a couple of blocks. However, this is not the case for those clinics that treat the mental health issues of patients. It is a grave injustice in the event that you consider that the World Health Organization, with their psychological issues, specifically specifies the amount of patients that require psychotherapists, psychiatric services and medications.

Furthermore the social perception of a child who is physically sick differs from the view the child with autism. If parents openly talk about the condition of their child while the latter attempts to shield themselves from being treated poorly in the eyes of their child. It is a grave problem of moral integrity and social norm for those who require special attention. There are so many instances of criminals and suicides all over the world due to the narrowness of our social and health system. If every county increases the amount to study dangerous diseases, there’s hardly any money allocated for suicide prevention. In the United States, for example has allocated the majority the budget for the healthcare industry however there is no specific allocation for preventing self-destructionsince this isn’t a ailment whatsoever.

In conclusion, the time is now to change the outdated beliefs concerning psychological issues and recognize the importance of treating psychosocial patients in a timely manner. is just as important as caring for people who are physically sick.

Model Answer 2

One-tenth of the global population is suffering from mental disorders, and this health is often not given the importance that it is due. Even more troubling, the those with minor issues with their emotions can be for vast part, ignored by families, while those with more serious issues are infuriatingly medicated and labelled as insane to shut them away. It’s a fact that mental disorders don’t get the proper attention and acceptance by the entire society around all over the world.

First of all there are a lot of hospitals that care for patients suffering from physical ailments and the medical professionals and specialists who specialize in those are greater than the health centers and doctors specialized in emotional issues. It is possible to walk for many blocks to see the hospitals in virtually every town. But this isn’t the case when it comes to practices that address patients’ psychological issues. This can be a brutal discrimination when the World Health Organization summarizes the amount of people who seek psychotherapists, psychological treatments as well as support to deal with their emotional issues.

In addition, the social perspective regarding a sick child is different from that of an autistic child. If parents openly talk about the health issues of the previous person and the other parent tries to shield their children from being victimized. This raises a serious issue of morality and the societal standards for those who need special focus. Because of the astigmatism in our social and health care system we’ve seen many instances of suicide and offenders around the world. In a world where every country increases its funds to look for fatal illnesses, there isn’t any funds to stop suicides. In the case of suicide, for instance it is the USA allocates a large portion of its budget to healthcare but there’s hardly any specific allocation to prevent self-destructionsince it’s not an disease or a disease in the slightest.

In conclusion, the moment is now to reconsider the traditional doctrines about emotional issues and recognize that the correct treatment for psychosocial sufferers is as crucial as restoring the health of patients.

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