Awareness of the TOEFL ITP Test in Jordan

Launch of the TOEFL ITP Award Programme for Jordan.

ETS Global Jordan launched in April 2017 the TOEFLITP (r), Award Program, which was an awareness campaign to promote TOEFL to undergraduate students at The University of Jordan.

The programme is a challenge to students, who must submit a TOEFL ITPscore and their GPA to be eligible to win a prize.

ETS Global Jordan launched an off-campus communication campaign in April and May 2017 to promote the TOEFL (r), test, and the Award Program. This original initiative was promoted by flyers, live tours, meetings with key university stakeholders, and an advertisement on the university’s website. It reached more than 5,000 students.

ETS Global’s intention to support education development through the TOEFL ITP award programme reflects ETS Global’s intent to provide students the opportunity to assess their English Language proficiency in academic contexts using the TOEFL ITP exam. ETS Global also benefits from it by promoting the TOEFL ITP test.

Ibrahim Abu Einain, Regional Manager ETS Global

This programme was attended by more than 150 students. On May 24, 2017, ETS Global represented Mr. Ibrahim Abu Einain and presented the award to the three highest scoring students during a ceremony held under the patronage of Professor Musa Alluzi, Vice President of University of Jordan. Prof. Alluzi stated that this initiative is a significant addition to the university’s efforts to promote English proficiency.

Parallel to this, under the patronage Prof. Ziyad Gozoh, the Language Centre Director presented awards to students who took part in the programme.

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