Sneha’s Story: From India to Australia


Meet Sneha Kangralkar, a recipient of a TOEFL (r/) scholarship from ETS. Sneha spent her first semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia. She used her scholarship to pay the bulk of her tuition, and she also found a part-time job to help with her living expenses. Sneha knew the importance of studying for TOEFL (r), but she also placed equal emphasis on playing–reading fiction and practicing yoga–to keep her balanced.

  • Name: Sneha Kangralkar
  • India: India
  • Study abroad in Melbourne (Australia)
  • Study Area: Telecommunications
  • The Secret to Success: Sneha attributes her improved literary criticism skills to her reading fiction stories, which she used to answer certain questions on the test.
  • Why Australia? “It is the best place to study Telecommunications …”

We hope that Sneha’s “land down below” is all she hoped for!

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