Talk about an interesting conversation


It is better to stateWho is the person? What date and when did you have the conversation?
Was the subject of the discussion?

Note: Your presentation is expected to last between one to the duration of two seconds. You will have one minute to think about the things you would like to discuss. If you would like, you may take notes to help you.

Model answer 1:


In my lifetime I’ve had many casual or formal interactions. Some were extremely boring, while others were highly influential.

What was the name of this individual?

But, I’ve had an interesting conversation that I would like to be sharing for you to read today. It has left an impression, and was so inspiring and uplifting even decades later that the memories are still in my mind. I am an avid social butterfly and love being around other people.

When and where did you hold your discussion?

My father would take me to a house with a friend while my high school days began. The friend wasn’t only a coworker for my dad, but was also an activist working to raise awareness about organ donation. I didn’t pay too much attention to his talks since I was too young to comprehend the significance and benefits of donating tissue. He realized that I wasn’t fully engaged with his talk and changed the subject. The TV was in the background to entertain me. I was amazed by an advertisement for eye donation aired on the screen. It included an actress who is among the well-known Bollywood actresses.

He smiled wide at me and his curiosity was evident in his wide smile. The explanations he gave were incredible. He clarified everything and gave relevant examples.

What exactly was the discussion on?

I vividly remember being engaged in the conversation that I didn’t even realize it was late for me or my dad to get home. To gain an understanding of what was happening, I swarmed my father with questions in succession. Even though my father seemed somewhat irritable, his friend was calm and accommodating with my questions. I was thrilled to learn that after the death of an organ, it are able to be used to help people and provide their lives if they are kept in a proper manner. He gave me the amount of organ donors that was just.0002 percent. I was very disappointed. His act of kindness to humanity and the society was something I was able to admire.


There is nothing more exciting or satisfying than science that can teach us to offer an enjoyable life to someone in need by donating organs.

Model answer 2:


  • I consider myself to be extremely social and I enjoy having conversations with people.
  • Some conversations have been part of my existence that I will never forget.

Was this the person?

  • The discussion I’m about is about four or five years back, and was with an unknown person.

What time and where did you conduct your conversation?

  • I was scheduled to Chandigarh to undergo a medical exam.
  • This bus stopped at the request of the driver on the way to the stop.
  • He sat next to me and began to talk to me.

What exactly was the discussion concerning?

  • The conversation started with the everyday issues like increasing traffic and hot summer sun.
  • It began for him to explain his occupation after a while.
  • He was a member of the merchant Navy.
  • Then I began asking him questions after he explained his job.
  • It explained all the problem to me and then told me about his joy of serving in the Merchant Navy.
  • Certain things were interesting.
  • He claimed that he worked only 8 months per year.
  • The remainder of his four months, he stays in the company of his children.
  • He loves cricket and the holidays.


  • He appeared a little sad, considering it was the final day of the four months that year.
  • Following this conversation, I began to think about the merchant navy.
  • The trend disappeared quickly the same way as many other fantasies from childhood.
  • This dialogue will be a constant part of my thinking.

IELTS Speaking 3. Questions to follow up

Here are some follow-ups questions you could ask during your talk. 3.

1. What is the difference in conversation between females and males?

Men are more likely to discuss politics, sports and business, whereas women tend to discuss fashion, children, and their families. But gender variations are slowly dissolving. It is not surprising that women are more likely to talk about politics, whereas men are discussing the latest fashions and cook.

2. What is the difference between speaking on the phone and having the conversation face-to face?

Face-to-face conversations allow users to make use of Gestures and expressions that can add life to any conversation. It is private. It is not simple to make up lies. However, it is possible to trick other people using a phone conversation.

3. It is not surprising that people are worried about presenting their ideas.

A few people are shy when they perform on platform. They are not able to speak in front of a crowd. They are susceptible to glossophobia.

4. 4. Are you convinced that visual aids are crucial in presenting your PowerPoint?

visual aids make a demonstration more engaging and assist in connect the audience. It is essential to utilize visual aids when you are presenting.

5. Why is body language so important?

Body language has the ability to convey what words can’t. It’s a kind of non-verbal communication. It uses gestures or movements, expressions, and other methods to communicate information. It breaks the barriers of a lack of understanding.

6. Is it possible to imagine humor as one of the most important factors in obtaining an appointment for a speaker?

It’s. Humour can be a light in any language and spark the attention of the viewer.

7. Which type of speaker would you like to use?

An individual who communicates clearly and in a manner that draws my attention is an excellent option. His address should be compelling enough that I’d like to listen to it over and over.

8. Public speaking is important in politics.

The essence of politics is talking to people. Without great oratorical abilities, nobody can become a great politician.

9. What are the drawbacks of face-to-face conversations?

It is possible for someone to be nervous and be unable to convey his feelings in a the presence of another. There are instances when one person could get so angry with one another that they hit them. Face-to-face communication is more beneficial than other.

10. How can friends connect with one another?

Friends can interact with each other in a variety of different ways. Through the Internet.

11. What’s the difference between talking to women and engaging in an exchange of words?

Nowadays there aren’t any gender-based differences. Both men as well as women can speak equally on any topic, no matter if it’s style, politics or sports.

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