Welcome back TOEFL (r), test-takers! You will practice your English skills in the classroom and abroad while studying at an English-speaking program. Today we will be looking at the Speaking section, which tests your ability to communicate effectively in English in academic settings. The test is performed using a microphone and headset on a computer. It is recorded and scored by at least three to six raters from around the globe to ensure reliable and objective scoring.

Section Overview
Time limit: 20 minutes
Questions: 6 Tasks
Tasks: Using reading and listening to form an opinion about a familiar topic.

Independent Speaking Tasks

  • Question 1 – Personal Preference
    Express and defend your personal preference in a particular category, such as places, events, or activities you love.
  • Question 2 – Choice
    Advocacy: Make and defend your personal choice between two contrasting actions or behaviors.

Integrated Tasks

  • Question 3 – Fit and Explain
    The reading passage will briefly discuss a campus issue. A listening passage then comments on the issue. The speaker will ask you to summarize his opinion in the context of what was read.
  • Question 4 – General/Specific
    A brief reading passage that describes a term, process, or idea in an academic subject. The lecture will be read aloud and you will be asked to share the most important information.
  • Question 5 – Problem/Solution
    Listen to a brief conversation about student life and then be asked for your opinion on how to solve the problem.
  • Question 6 Summary
    Listen to a portion of a lecture from class and then summarize it in a way that shows your knowledge.

You want to see the actual Speaking section? For sample speaking questions, visit the TOEFL (r). Test Prep Plan.

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