You should devote around 40 minutes studying IELTS writing task 2.

“The best way to learn English is to study with native teachers.” What do you think of this statement?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate the reasons using examples from your own personal experience or experience.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic Topic: Education
Type : Opinion

Model Answer

English is already changing the world as a second language. English proficiency directly impacts an individual’s academic performance as well as career advancement and the ability to communicate. Many people around the globe are studying the language from this perspective and there is a debate whether studying it with an instructor who is native to the country is the best way to learn. While the native English teacher’s direct instruction could be extremely helpful but I do not believe that’s the most effective method since there are better methods to master this language.

In the first place teachers who speak English use the language that is of his interests and is aware of the meaning behind an expression, phrase , and grammar laws. Since mastering a language takes more than just learning the grammar, teachers from a country like the UK can guide the student on the practical usage of the language and is able to efficiently help the student’s errors. As an example, based on the advice they receive by native instructors, the majority of the students from non-native backgrounds who study at universities in a country that is English-speaking are more adept at using English.

Native tutors and mentors it is a way to become fluent in English but it’s not the most effective method. To become an effective user of English study, studies on your own, exposure to the English language and their respective cultures as well as online language classes and devotion as well as an extensive reading routine can be more effective. For instance the internet was not accessible to English teachers for millions of self-made writers or journalists, as well as interpreters. In addition, a passion for learning an language may make one a scholar since they are often learning the language through books as well as online tools. “lb provide an example. I attended a school where one-in-five students were from countries with English as their first language, however, the majority of prizes in the contest for composition were awarded to non-natives.

In the end the presence of an English-speaking teacher is certainly a fantastic opportunity to get a better introduction towards the culture, however this isn’t the most efficient method of learning English.

Model Answer 2

As a language that is universal, English currently dominates the globe and dominates English directly impact the performance of students, their career development and the communication abilities of individuals. In this sense, all everyone around the world can comprehend the language, but whether learning it with a native teacher is the best option, it’s an issue that is contentious. Although direct guidance from an experienced native English instructor can provide great assistance but I don’t consider it the best option as there are better methods of learning this language.

In the beginning it is important that a teacher from an English-speaking nation will utilize the language in his daily routine and can comprehend the meaning of phrases, words, and literary principles. As a result, control of a phrase is more complicated than simply the syntax teacher in a nation like the UK can direct a pupil to research how to use the language and could be able to help the student. As an example most non-technical students who pursue their education at an English-speaking country are more proficient users of English in the sense that they get from native-speaking teachers.

However, mentoring in native tutors is one of the methods to learn English but it’s not the best option. Learning by yourself, being open to native English speakers, and their cultures and online classes in language commitment, and thorough comprehension of reading can help to become a proficient user of English. Furthermore, the desire to learn a language could be a catalyst for someone to become proficient in the spoken language as people spend a great deal of time learning via books and other online sources. For instance I was a student at an institution where five percent of students been from English-speaking countries. However, the majority of the prize money for essays were given to non-natives.

In the end, teachers who are from an country that is English-speaking is a great method of getting more exposure to the English language However, this isn’t the most effective method to get proficient in English. The combination of self-study, passion and digital tools can help in the majority instances, based on my experiences so far.

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