The Many Faces of TOEFL® Success Stories: Jung Joon Moon.


There is no better way to commemorate the 50 th anniversary TOEFL (r) than by celebrating the amazing achievements of students like yourself! Today, we highlight the story of Jung Joon Moon’s journey from his early interest in English as an undergraduate in Korea to his time abroad studying in Switzerland to his current position as leader at a well-respected hotel company.

His fascination with English languageJung recollects his love for English since high school in Korea. To help him learn the language, he listened to “AFN,” a U.S. Army broadcasting channel in his home.

Preparing to the TOEFL (r) Test
Jung said that Jung emphasized words and idioms, as well as grammar rules. “Learning new technical terms and advanced vocabulary words was my most important step in preparing for the TOEFL.

Study abroad in Switzerland
Jung was able to apply directly to CESAR RITZ Colleges Switzerland. He was accepted and he studied hotel management for three more years.

A career within the hotel industry
Jung is currently the head of Parnas Hotel Company’s revenue management team. Jung is the youngest leader in the company’s team. English is still an important part his life. “English is essential in the hotel business.” Formal business English is crucial when communicating with overseas business partners or with colleagues at HQ.

Jung deserves our congratulations and we are happy that the TOEFL (r) test was a part of his journey!

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