The news is an important source of knowledge for all of us about the world


You should be spending around 40 minutes studying IELTS writing task 2.

The news is a crucial source of information to all of us across the globe, and especially in the current age of technological advancement. Journalists are the primary ones responsible to convey this information to us however not all have a clear understanding of their obligations and ethical principles. What can we do to trust journalists ?

Explain the reasons in detail and support the reasons using examples from your own personal experience or experience.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

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Subject: News
Type Discussion

Model Answer:

Newspapers and news are a vital element of our lives as they keep us in touch with the world outside. This article will discuss how important it is to trust the journalist, and define the traits of a professional journalist.

We need to trust journalists since they are the only reliable source for information. But, we need to be sure to take everything with some salt. Sometimes, they spread unfounded information to make money off their publications. In the end they provide a great job for us. They act as a bridge between our government as well as citizens. They influence our views. They help us feel part of the global community by keeping us connected with it. At times, they give us justice. In the case of the Jessica murder incident it was due to journalistic efforts a son of a politician was punished, and the family of Jessica was able to get justice.

A good journalist must possess numerous traits. First it is important to promote the truth and not spread reports of false information. Only reliable news is acceptable. Additionally, he should be impartial and not favor any particular political group or party. He should not be hurting the feelings of any specific group or. This is crucial in an inclusive (multicultural as well as multireligious) society such as India. Also, he should have great communication abilities.

Additionally, a journalist must be able to work in a variety of ways and take on a variety of subjects like entertainment, business, sports and politics. Always always on the lookout for new opportunities, because you cannot predict when the sky will begin to change. In addition, he must be courageous and strong as he must deal with difficult situations. For instance, in the terrorist attack on November 26th in Mumbai the Mumbai journalists who provided us with first-hand information.

As a conclusion, we must to trust the media because they are the first to bring us the latest information. A good journalist must be a multi-faceted persona.

Vocabulary for essays ( News is an essential source of information ) It is:

  • indispensable(noun) : Critical,essential,necessary
  • ill-founded(adj):not based on any reliable or factual evidence
  • golbal(adj):relating to the entire world; global
  • rumours(noun):a currently circulating news or report that has unclear or doubtful facts
  • authenticated(verb):prove or show (something) to be true, genuine, or valid
  • sentiments(noun):a view or opinion expressed or believed to be held.
  • versatile(adj):able to adapt or adapt to a variety of tasks or functions.
  • bold(adj):showing a willingness to risk; confident and brave
  • brave(adj):ready to take on danger and bear suffering and show courage.
  • multifaceted(adj): that has multiple sides

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