The only way to reduce the amount of traffic in cities today ielts task 2


You should devote approximately 40 minutes working on the IELTS writing task 2.

The only method to decrease the volume of traffic
The way cities are transforming today is to reduce the requirement to travel home to work.
shopping and learning.

In what ways do you feel you are in agreement or disagree?

Explain the reasons in detail and support the reasons using examples from your personal experience or knowledge.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic Topic: Traffic
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1: [Disagreement]

The most effective method to address the growing problem of traffic congestion in metropolitan areas According to a report, the most effective solution is to reduce the demand of taxpayers for travel to work, shopping malls and colleges.

In the beginning the first thing, there aren’t any tasks that can be completed from home. Engineers, doctors, nurses sales executives, engineers and many other professionals must visit their workplaces and interact with others in order to complete their work. Similar to this, when we shop on the internet, shipping personnel are working to deliver items. Additionally some specialist courses require laboratory and field research which is why an online course does not provide these facilities. The online courses aren’t comparable with traditional classroom classes and the quality of the products isn’t based on the photos in a notebook or phone. So, users will have to discover how to do their daily tasks.

Furthermore, if a person is restricted in a place for an extended period of time to avoid being outside to fulfill their daily needs and professional obligations, they could develop health problems – obesity, hypertension, diabetes and poor vision are only among the many issues.

To effectively manage traffic congestion, we’d all like alternatives that are more real than simply requiring individuals to stay in their homes. One of these options is improving public transport. The ease with which people travel will discourage many from using their cars, which is the primary reason for the soaring traffic jams in cities. Furthermore, authorities could encourage people to make use of eco-friendly methods of transport, like bicycles, by establishing an additional lane to bicycles. A lot of Asian as well as European cities, for instance, have distinct bicycle lanes. This proved to be a huge help in encouraging eco-friendly vehicles and reducing traffic congestion.

To reduce traffic congestion, the authorities should improve the mass transportation facilities and encourage people to take eco-friendly transportation instead of attempting to restrict individuals’ mobility.

Model Answer 2: [Agreement]

Traffic congestion could be an issue in many cities and also kills valuable time on other hand and reduces the general efficiency of people and their economic growth on the other aspect. Since the primary cause of traffic gridlocks around the streets is the majority of people who commute daily and restricting it to reasonable limits is the best way to stop the sluggish traffic.

In reality, the city’s and the government’s management can’t require taxpayers to stay in their homes and set up a ‘work from home’ facilities for every professional because it’s a law that can create confusion and anger. Furthermore, people will have to get outdoors not just to meet their educational, professional and shopping requirements, but for socializing and entertainment. So limiting people’s need to travel every day be a flimsy idea for many.

However, there are ways to implement it without creating confusion or confusion among taxpayers , and also addressing traffic issues at exactly the same time. Since we need to reduce the number of commuters as well as vehicles on the streets and that’s the only real alternative to traffic problems and we can identify professionals who will be at home working from home, and later spread the facilities, such as banks, shopping centers and parks throughout zones of residence to ensure that people are able to access them from a the distance of a walk. For instance IT professionals, lawyers bookkeepers, customer support agents teachers, and many others don’t need to travel to their work each day because they can perform most of their tasks from home using technology.

In addition, improving a couple of centers as well as digitizing a lot of services could discourage people from excessive daily commutes. As an example, lots of parents are have to travel to their children’s school daily only to miss them , and return them If colleges provide the convenience of safe and secure transportation facilities, parents can rely on this option instead of having to drive all day. Similar to that, utilities, banking, and help desks should be made digital to allow us to complete our work from home , instead of having to visit the offices.

In the end, traffic congestion across the entire city is an issue that the government is trying to manage. The high volume of commuters, and their vehicles could be the primary cause and it is expected that the authorities will help make it easier for people to breathe more easily.

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