The use of personal cars has increased more


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The usage of personal vehicles has increased significantly than before. However, this increased car use can cause a lot of issues. What are these issues? To reduce these issues, we should encourage people not to drive?

Explain the reasons in detail and support these with examples based on your personal experience or your information.

You must write at least 250 words in the IELTS writing task 2.

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Personal vehicles have become an integral part of our daily lives because of various benefits and the flexibility it offers including the ease of access to unique facilities and services, support as well as freedom to travel and a sense of peace when they travel. But, these advantages come with an expense as well as environmental impacts and traffic congestions are the main problems. We can improve our public transportation system and increase the cost of fuel in order to encourage people to not make use of automobiles as often as they do.

The issue of increasing use of cars is huge and the environmental impacts are a huge worry for many eco-conscious people. Automobiles contribute a lot of carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse emissions, in addition, noise and air pollution in urban regions across the world. The climate change process is affecting millions of people’s lives and affecting the balance of the environment and it’s not at all comforting to think of the damage that the ever-growing number of vehicles on the road could cause to our planet in the future, until we can do something to reverse it. Furthermore, private cars are the reason we face the dreadful traffic jams almost every single day, which eats up our precious time, and negatively affects our productivity.

To address these issues, some currently suggest that the government should impose a strict limit on the ownership of cars and raise the taxes on car purchases to an alarming level. But, the flexibility and freedom offered by automobiles are essential to our lives, I’m completely against any drastic actions. Instead, we must increase our public transport system to such a degree that people prefer public transport like buses and trains rather than driving. Another option is gradually increasing the cost of gas that could deter many middle-class citizens from driving or using vehicles. In addition, car manufacturers must invest money into environmentally friendly hydrogen or solar-powered vehicles to lessen the negative impact of cars on the environment and authorities must increase the speed of the roads in order to lessen traffic congestion.

In conclusion, stopping the use of cars overnight could appear like a fast and effective option but in reality it’s not a viable option. We would like to utilize automobiles to the fullest extent of our own freedom but we have to develop eco-friendly cars to lessen its negative impact.

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