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When choosing a job salary is the primary aspect for many. Some, however, choose other aspects of the job more than the amount they make. According to you, what do you think are the most essential elements of a job?

Provide specific reasons and illustrate these with examples based on your personal experience or experience or.

You must write at least 250 words on IELTS writing task 2.

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A majority of people, both people consider their pay as the best quality of their job, even though many believe that their contributions to the community through their jobs have more importance than the amount they make. My view is that projects should be able to satisfy moral needs and be more passionate. Otherwise, it could be unwise to run a business solely to earn a wage.

Let’s examine the reason the reason why fire plays a significant element of people’s daily lives. Fire is, without doubt, as the source of energy that causes people to challenge the corrosive aspect of their job. If people pick a profession that isn’t linked to their enthusiasm and passion and passion, they’ll be depressed and perform poorly in their work. On the other hand If we look over the stories of influential people and discover that they were all engaged in a career that they were passionate about. Imagine Bill Gates or Steve Jobs both were tech-lovers and thus saw engineering as a way to earn making a living.

In all likelihood the project must be ethically challenging, and people have to find ways of doing something to benefit humanity and society. Volunteering for a variety of people not only gives happiness but will also help to fulfill the goal of their work. You must be Mother Theresa or even Nelson Mandala for example. Both are highly regarded by their work for humanity. They did their best as they knew they were doing something for others and to help make the world a better place.

In the end, wage are a significant factor for people to support their expenses however, if they don’t get a feeling of satisfaction from their jobs it will make them feel tired throughout their lives. They also will be protected from stress which could be avoided in the event that they had the right motivation and moral stance within their job.

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It might appear odd and boring, but it’s not a secret the fact that we work to earn cash so that we can put food on the table for our family members. In addition to the amount of money we earn we also look for satisfaction in our work, increased opportunities and recognition in society from our job.

First of all, the pay is crucial since without it, we won’t operate a company in any way. Certain people are always looking for money and are not reluctant to change their job when they receive more money. For others, however working, satisfaction at work is just as important as it helps ensure a balanced work-life and makes us more content in our work. Many people do not sacrifice their job satisfaction for the price they are able to offer. Many top executives who move out of big companies to work for smaller companies or run their own businesses are fantastic examples of how they value their job satisfaction in their salaries.

Additionally, the opportunity for growth is a different aspect that which people are often looking for in their jobs ‘ A decent salary and an excellent career development aspect is far superior to a an excellent salary with no career growth aspect, according to a lot of experts and are smart enough to see the future as opposed to who are chasing money. We all want to work in an occupation that is socially respected and respected. In this example, some colleagues of mine quit high-paying personal jobs to take on government positions only because it could give them recognition in the social sphere and I can recognize the reasoning for their decision.

In the end, in addition to the salary, satisfaction at work that assures a healthy work-life balance is also important. Furthermore, the development of your career and recognition from society often push us to pick jobs that will earn us significantly less than what we earn by completing different jobs.

The most important aspects of a job that are not “salary”:

  1. Security of work
  2. Job satisfaction
  3. Excellent working atmosphere
  4. Opportunities to make use of the skills and capabilities
  5. Rewards and appreciation
  6. Being confident at work
  7. Social recognition
  8. Passionate about the work

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